Empowering Children through E-Learning

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Every child deserves a nurturing environment.

That’s why as child bullying becomes widespread, the Kydon Malaysia team decided we can create greater awareness of the issue and also help children learn self-protection.

As a learning solutions company, one of our expertise is in e-Learning content development.

So while development isn’t a challenge, we needed a platform.

Therefore, when International University Carnival E-Learning (IUCEL) made a call for e-Learning applications, we went for it.

Our e-Learning module on self-protection was displayed to the 1,500 educators in higher education institutes and students at IUCEL.

Winning a Gold medal for our work is great. Yet it’s not about the win.

It’s about celebrating the human spirit deploying experience, skills and passion to create an impact to the community.

That’s why we love other entries like “The Self-Care Guide for Stress Management Strategies” by Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris. Or the “HPV Game: Alleviates Vaccine Hesitancy Among High School Students Through Edutainment Gaming” by Universiti Malaysia Pahang.

These are examples of what the community can do with a little technical skill, some imagination, and a lot of heart.

Let’s work together to transform learning, as a society.

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