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Case Study - Enterprise

How Kydon helped Containerchain train 2,000 tech-challenged truckers

About Containerchain

Containerchain is a technology company that provides various solutions for the logistics industry. With the objectives of simplifying operational processes, improving customer service levels, and reducing the cost of transporting containers, they offer various platforms and management systems that help organisations achieve their goals

Training 2,000 truck drivers unfamiliar with technology

Containerchain needed to train 2,000 of their clients’ truckers to use a mission-critical software system. Containerchain recognized the need to ensure that training was conducted as effectively and efficiently as possible, reducing costs by minimizing the number of classes and time required for training. However, to complicate things, the majority of these truckers were unfamiliar with smart devices.

They also needed a clear and concise reference guide that can be used by the drivers in real-time…while they were on the job, as a self-help and self-learning system.

Process: Multidisciplinary team crafts interactive learning experience

Kydon learning designers and media specialists conducted a learner need analysis and determined that an emulator would be the most appropriate solution to the problem at hand.

Before the actual development of the emulator however, Kydon team members drew up a storyboard with edits made based on ContainerChain’s feedback. Having little experience in designing such training, ContainerChain set out their requirements and provided the content while Kydon guided the process and designed the emulator to meet these requirements.

Throughout, Kydon’s learning designers worked with the raw content they had been provided to craft a learning experience which would not only be interactive but also effective at delivering the necessary message. The media team, on the other hand, labored to design interactions that would both promote learner engagement and enhance the learning process.

Solution: A branded emulator that improves retention, speeds up training and reduces support costs

Kydon produced a beautifully designed emulator that was both highly interactive and effective at conveying the necessary information.

The emulator included a step-by-step tutorial and functions as a safe environment for truckers to explore without any “real consequences”. It also included videos and practice tests to improve memory retention.

Results: Anytime, anywhere learning with reduced training hours

Despite the learners being less tech-savvy, ContainerChain was able to increase the effectiveness of the training while cutting down the number of hours and frequency necessary. The emulator reinforced learning in the classroom sessions, and truckers were able to reference it on the job.

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