Learning Management System

Learning Management System (LMS) is a key tool to evaluate learning effectiveness. 

You can track learner activities like engagement, completion rate and more.

Other than those features, it can incorporate social learning, elements of gamification, content creation and integrate with your other HR, CRM systems. 

Introducing Pencil

Serving more than 40% of the government agencies, Pencil LMS meets even the most stringent requirements for learning environments. 

As a fully-featured enterprise-level LMS, it is built with a modular and scalable architecture.

This means Pencil continues to grow with you as you grow your user base.

Pencil comes with tools to help you build courses, arrange learning content, create learning paths and deploy learning resources and activities.

The platform also comes with its own social elements. Thereby allowing users to create learning communities, form groups, share information and collaborate with other users. It even supports offline usage so your application is always available to users, leading to increased learning time.

Pencil is web responsive, mobile enabled and can be installed both on premise and in the cloud.

Clients love us for the strong and dedicated technical support we provide. Be it in troubleshooting, security or upgrades, we are here for you in your learning transformation initiative. Find out more

Learning Management System

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