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Organisational learning – the process of creating, retaining and transferring knowledge is critical for your business to stay competitive in a dynamic and ever-changing environment.

How do you retain and transfer the knowledge your employees have built over time through experience, involvement and exposure in the job? If your employees withhold this tacit knowledge or leave your organisation, this valuable asset will be lost forever. 

Organisational learning improves with better structures, routines and methods of coordination among members, With a robust set up, it boosts employees’ proficiency and enhances organisations’ efficiency, accuracy and bottomline. This process can be facilitated by technology and ​ZilLearn, the first organisational learning system in the world, is created to help you maximise your organisational learning potential.

​ZilLearn has the core functions of a learning management system but the similarities end here.

We put organisational learning and member collaboration at the forefront of ​ZilLearn’s architecture.

Our philosophy is that a team-based learning platform creates clear paths of communication between the learned and learners. In ​ZilLearn, this interaction is designed to be multi-directional and instantaneous. The flow of knowledge is dynamic, intertwining participant communication and learning content as members live out their life and work experiences. In this way, organisational learning takes place on the go and institutional knowledge is captured in your secured server space in ​ZilLearn.

Be it learning at the individual, team, organisation and inter-organisational level, the communities you create in ​ZilLearn allow your employees to share knowledge, provide feedback and take action. Your learning network benefits as new experiences are integrated and participant responses positively modified. 

With an organisational learning system like ​ZilLearn, your employees will learn faster and perform better on the job.