The Future of Work & Learning:
The Learning Ecosystem
Leading the evolution of the digital learning ecosystem in Asia through R&D and innovation. The Future of Work & Learning:
The Learning Ecosystem
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Leading the evolution of the digital learning ecosystem in Asia through R&D and innovation.


Where Learning is Scalable, Sustainable, Adaptable

At Kydon, learning in the digital age is not about building a learning platform but a learning ecosystem. 

In a learning ecosystem, content, technology, devices, processes, and tools – the physical components of the ecosystem – co-exist symbiotically with learners, teachers, educators, employers, knowledge, and industry experts, enabling them to connect in ways never before.

The learning space as an ecosystem is open, connected, expansive, and personalized to a learner’s unique needs.

With the constant flow and exchange of shared knowledge across geography, language, and culture, learning becomes scalable, sustainable, and adaptable.

What Learning Transformation Looks Like

Who is Kydon?

Among Asia’s Top Learning Technology Companies

Kydon Group is a Singapore-based learning technology company at the forefront of innovation in learning and education in Asia.

Our mission: to shape the future of learning in Asia with cutting-edge e-learning solutions that empower people to reskill, upskill, and quickly adapt to the new digital economy. 

Thought Leader in Singapore EdTech 

Kydon’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, David Yeo, is a learning architect and recognized thought leader in learning technology.

In 2020, Kydon was the lead learning technology company tasked to prototype new EdTech products under the Alliances for Action on EduTech — an initiative under Singapore’s Emerging Stronger Taskforce of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

David led the EduTech team to develop ZilLearn Skills the first fully integrated online learning and skills advancement platform in Singapore and Asia.

Our Businesses

EdTech Learning Asia


Online Learning Distribution Platform

ZilLearn is Kydon’s core AI-driven online learning and teaching platform designed to make digital content creation exponentially faster for every teacher, educator, knowledge expert, trainer — even those without any design and developer skills through ZilLearn Studio.

Anyone, anywhere, can access ZilLearn’s e-learning content and learn at a self-directed pace. 

Augmenting the ZilLearn experience is ZilLearn Skills — a skills advancement platform — designed to prepare workers, job seekers, and skills seekers for career readiness in the 21st century — through real-time job market insights and personalized learning recommendations.  

ZilLearn Workplace targets the training needs of organizations with a large, heterogeneous, and distributed workforce in multiple locations. While serving B2B needs, the learning platform is designed for mobile use and is consumer-centric. It features search learning content retrieval, learning roadmaps, gamified learning, one-on-one coaching, live-streaming, all executed via the mobile phones of our learners.

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EdTech Learning Asia

LEARNTech Asia

Thought-Leadership Platform for EdTech in Asia

LEARNTech Asia is the leading conference, education, and workplace learning knowledge platform for building human capacity in Asia.

It advances Asia’s learning innovation and thought leadership in EdTech through an online knowledge-sharing platform for all learning communities, including educators, non-profits, and industry. LEARNTech Asia hosts physical and virtual learning conferences, webinars, and Keynote Speaker events. 

Since the inaugural LEARNTech Asia Conference in 2013 and Asia’s first Learning Technology CXO Conference and Summit in 2015, the world’s most influential learning experts, including futurist and author-researcher Elliott Masie, along with Donald H. Taylor, Laura Overton, and Steve Wheeler, have appeared at LEARNTech Asia events to deliver keynote lectures to the EdTech community in Asia and beyond. 

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EdTech Research

Kydon Research

Fusing Learning with Technology 

Kydon has a highly skilled Research and Development (R&D) team of data scientists, software engineers, UX designers, and content developers researching, incubating, and developing new technologies to enhance the online learning and e-learning experience. 

Kydon’s latest digital learning solution, ZilLearn Skills, is a successful R&D application of machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), learning analytics, and blockchain technology. 

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Why Invest in Edtech

High Growth Potential in Learning Technology Companies

The time is now to invest in learning technology companies, as Educational Technology or EdTech is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the new economy. The global e-learning market is projected to reach US$375 billion by 2026, according to Global Market Insights. 

Rapid digitalization of the economy, education, and workplace will continue to spur the appetite for more advanced online learning and e-learning platforms, tools, and services.

Kydon, a leading e-learning company in Singapore, belongs to the “new generation of EdTech companies” that actively invest in research and developing products that are focused on the Future of Work and Learning that incorporates Artificial Intelligence, cognitive science, data analytics, and machine learning.

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Why Partner With Us

Strategic and Capable Management Team 

The Kydon leadership team saw the company’s exponential growth from an e-learning start-up providing courseware development services and enterprise Learning Management Systems (LMS) in 2012 to a leader of advanced digital learning and e-learning platforms in Singapore and Asia today.

Our management team draws expertise from business, finance, learning, technology, and experience in running successful Edtech start-ups. Today, Kydon is a leading learning company in Singapore and a thought leader in EdTech Asia.

Thought leadership on the future of learning

We know the evolving trends in the future of learning and work in the 21st century. We have a deep understanding of what learning and content technologies are needed to build the next generation of innovative online learning and e-learning platforms. Explore Kydon Insights

Learning technology and domain expertise

Since 2012, Kydon has honed its expertise in designing complex Learning Management Systems (LMS) using e-learning authoring tools such as SCORM and Tin Can (xAPI) for a power roster of clients comprising government agencies, enterprises, learning institutions, and non-profit organizations.  

Since then, Kydon’s learning technology has gone beyond the traditional LMS to Learning Experience Platforms (LXP), big data, and AI-driven online learning platforms to meet the demands of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, evolving the skills needed for the jobs of the future.

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