Vietnamese, Singaporean Education Providers Partner In E-Learning

Vietnamese, Singaporean Education Providers Partner In E-Learning

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was inked between Singapore-based Kydon Holdings and Vietnam’s UNET Education Group on November 2 to bolster bilateral cooperation and share practices in e-learning.

The signing took place on the sidelines of the Future Learning CXO Summit initiated by the International Enterprise (IE) Singapore.

Kydon will provide smart education classroom technologies and an online academy that offers programmes for students and teachers at all levels including vocational education in nine years, CEO David Yeo said.

UNET CEO Tran Thi Ngoc Mai hoped that the application of smart technologies in learning and school management will help develop and positively change the educational system in Vietnam.

The Future Learning CXO Summit 2015 gathered about 70 providers of educational services and solutions worldwide where topics on e-learning trends, challenges, opportunities and prospects were discussed.

Attendees shared a common opinion that the rise in urban mobility and digialisation has seen a shift in the way education is consumed and redefined the traditional learning curriculum.

Therefore, it is important for education providers to understand the global shift and adopt new business models to stay relevant.

According to IE Singapore, the global e-learning sector is expected to hit US$105.3 billion this year and grow four-fold by 2020.

In Asia alone, revenue from e-learning is estimated to total US$11.5 billion in 2016. Vietnam is among the top 10 Asian countries with the highest e-learning growth rates of above 30 percent.

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