MQ Spectrum To Join Kydon Group Of Companies

MQ Spectrum To Join Kydon Group Of Companies

Integration to Give Kydon a Strong, Regional Technology Platform with a Footprint in India and Potential for Future Growth

SINGAPORE, Feb. 01, 2019 – Kydon Holdings Pte. Ltd. (Kydon) and MQ Spectrum Pte Ltd (MQ) today jointly announced that it has reached a definitive agreement for MQ Spectrum Pte. Ltd. (MQ) to join as part of Kydon group of companies. MQ was founded in 2009 and is a Singapore technology company known for providing secure, enterprise level technologies and learning management systems (LMS) to corporate and government sectors.

MQ brings together 30 years of industry experience within their senior leadership team, as well as extended capabilities into an integrated technology platform provider, with over 20 large scale national clients and projects. MQ is also the LMS provider to major government institutions like MINDEF, MHA, PA, JTC, CPF, AGC to name a few.

The transaction is expected to close during the first quarter of 2019. Kydon Group CEO David Yeo will assume the role of Managing Director for MQ with immediate effect.

MQ’s founder, Rakesh Gupta will continue to lead the R&D work as the Chief Technology Officer, while co-founder Victor Lee will be the General Manager.

David’s leadership will see the infusion of new technology innovations such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning into her core technology solutions.

“Kydon and MQ both share an unwavering belief in the power of enhanced technology solutions to drive business results,” said David, CEO Kydon Group. “MQ delivers the leading learning management platform for the modern organization, and there is no better home for MQ to continue to rapidly innovate than Kydon.”

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About Kydon Holdings Pte. Ltd.

Kydon’s mission is to advance the human potential now and for the future as the leading learning and technology provider in Singapore and the region. We help organizations build human capital and prepare their staff for a rapidly changing and increasingly uncertain world. We are not just any training and development company. We fuse advanced pedagogy, latest research and cutting-edge technology to create a learning experience that engages learners, empowering them to maximize their potential. We create a transformational knowledge and learning environment for our clients that engages the intellect, fires the imagination and inspires the vision. Kydon Group comprises Kydon Learning Systems Institute, Kydon Technologies, Parenthexis and Parenthexis Academy. More information is available at

About MQ Spectrum Pte. Ltd.

MQ Spectrum is all about doing IT better. We are Singapore’s leading development house for delivering corporate eLearning solutions. Our values in collaborative innovation and social responsibility, drives our 10-year track record for helping organizations develop stronger, modernized solutions for their digital business needs. With deep expertise in IT Consultation, Modern Applications, Infrastructure and Software Development services, we deliver robust eLearning, ERP and Smart Office Solutions for today’s fast moving industries. We aim to be a premier international software services and solutions company by providing the best value to clients, employees and associates in an honest, open and ethical environment. For more information visit

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