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Bringing together thought leaders and experts in pedagogy, learning innovation, and educational technology on a common platform to inform and inspire transformational change in learning and education in Asia.

LEARNTech Asia is the leading conference and knowledge platform for building human capacity in Asia. We’re also an online media platform that showcases innovation in learning in Asia.

LEARNTech Asia shares stories and resources in online learning, workplace learning, adult education, EdTech, and creative solutions by teachers and trainers in learning institutions, non-profits, and enterprises that inspire communities of lifelong learners.

We create transformational change in learning by hosting webinars, physical and virtual learning conferences, and inviting renowned keynote speakers to the annual LEARNTech Asia Conference.

We engage and collaborate with learning communities, L&D professionals, teachers, and educators through our digital content portal.

LEARNTech Asia Conference

LEARNTech Asia Conference is the leading annual conference for the learning and education industry in Singapore and Asia: a two-day conference where renowned international and regional experts speak on the latest trends and technologies in learning and education, inspiring Asia’s transformational change in learning.

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LEARNTech Asia’s webinar series features excellent learning opportunities from experts and practitioners in learning technology, pedagogy and andragogy, education, L&D, and HR. The webinars explore the latest trends, insights, best practices, and real case studies for anyone seeking to acquire new skills and knowledge to navigate the future of work and learning.


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Knowledge Hub

LEARNTech Asia’s online knowledge-sharing platform showcases the latest trends, insights, research, and developments in the digital landscape of work and learning. Get FREE access to articles, videos, success stories, and case studies. Are you curious about gamification and virtual reality in teaching, upskilling, and reskilling, or job skills of the future? Read what the community has shared on the platform.  

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Looking Back in History

From a Novel Idea to Key Learning Conference in Asia

LEARNTech Asia, which Kydon Group founded, was formed in 2013 as a local events company to serve the needs of the nascent learning and development (L&D) industry in Singapore. 

Kydon organized a learning clinic for a select group of training companies with the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) and e2i in 2013. Emerging from the clinic was the novel and exciting idea of organizing a significant learning event to galvanize the local learning industry.

This novel idea gave birth to the inaugural LEARNTech Asia Conference in November 2013.

For the first time, the Singapore L&D community, the private sector, industry, and government agencies came together – to discuss, debate, and explore big ideas and trends in learning and training. A side exhibition facilitated networking among the L&D professionals, government agencies, and the private sector. Elliott Masie – a global thought leader in learning, education, and technology, gave the keynote.

Subsequent LEARNTech Asia conference keynote speakers included Donald H. Taylor, Laura Overton, and Steve Wheeler.

Inaugural LEARNTech Asia Conference – November 20-21, 2013
Organized by: Kydon Holdings and E-Quezt Concierge Pte Ltd 

“The learning and development industry coming together with industry players, private sector, and government agencies to discuss the transformational change in learning in Singapore.” 

The two-day conference promoted cooperation among private organizations and industry from Education, Defense and Security, Health Care and Social, Finance and banking, and various Government agencies in pursuit of improved education and training programs and learning outcomes.

LEARNTech Asia is an inspirational series of keynote addresses, workshops, experiential learning, and an exhibition. It’s a place where innovation is showcased, learning is done, and new contacts are made. Participants are here to: be inspired, bring lessons back to improve their strategies and implementation, and network and share knowledge.

  • Keynote Speaker: Elliott Masie, world-renowned futurist, author-researcher, and learning expert on workplace learning and emerging learning technologies


The First Future Learning CXO Summit – November 2, 2015
Organized by: International Enterprise (IE) Singapore and Kydon Holdings

  • Attended by 70 local and foreign education and training solutions providers.
  • Kydon Holdings and UNET Education signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement to develop smart classroom learning technologies and an online learning academy for students, teachers, and parents. The project was under the Vietnam government-sanctioned School Card System project. 


Virtual LEARNTech Asia Conference – June 18-19, 2020

“Learning Disruption: Asia’s Response to COVID-19 Education and Training Disruption – Emergencies Measures, Solutions, and Opportunities”
  • Attendees: 3,896 registered participants, 43 countries
  • Speakers: 30 speakers, ten countries
  • Six keynote sessions, six panel discussions

LEARNTechAsia Conference


Conference topics:

  • Education and Training Ecosystem Disruption: Megatrends, Threats, and Opportunities
  • Create Effective Pedagogical Approaches
  • Solutions for Emerging Needs and Future Opportunities

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