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We make it Fast and Global at ZilLearn. 

Kydon makes online learning and teaching better and faster with smarter digital tools for every learner and content creator.

The Online Learning and Teaching Platform that Helps You Grow

ZilLearn is Kydon’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven online learning and course creation platform. ZilLearn offers rapid digital content creation tools for teachers, educators, and knowledge experts. ZilLearn is also a skills-building network for learners to map out skills paths to keep themselves relevant. 

For content creators, ZilLearn offers zillion possibilities to reach communities of learners and for revenue generation.

For learners and skills seekers, ZilLearn takes into account your experience and skillsets and offers you a zillion learning opportunities.

ZilLearn is global. It’s a Learning Ecosystem that connects learners, teachers, and educators in Singapore, Asia, and worldwide.

ZilLearn brings together global learning and teaching communities on one integrated and user-agnostic online learning and teaching platform

ZilLearn builds a learning ecosystem – where the community, enabled by content, technology, tools, and processes – can scale quickly to meet demand and be readily accessible and adaptable.

“At ZilLearn, we aim to break the barriers to education and ensure that everyone – regardless of geography, language, and context – has access to learning. We strongly believe that technology is an integral part of this transformation.”

David Yeo Founder and CEO, Kydon.

The ZilLearn Advantage

• One global learning and teaching community on one platform

• Rapid digital content creation for educators and knowledge experts

• Custom “Channels” (Learning Spaces) for teaching and students’ outreach 

• Teacher-learner interactions through “live-streaming” classes 

• On-demand learning anytime, anywhere. Downloads for 100% offline learning

• Easy access on multiple devices – mobile, laptop, PC, tablet

• Skills advancement and personalized learning paths through ZilLearn Skills 


ZilLearn is Technology and Learning with Purpose 

ZilLearn is re-imagining the online learning and teaching space for good. In the age of technology and digitalization, learning cannot remain static. Acquiring skills and knowledge has to be fast and accessible for everyone, regardless of geography, language, or culture. 

The ZilLearn online learning and teaching platform helps learners, educators, and workers achieve skills mobility and career readiness for the 21st century in the shortest time.

As a thought leader in EdTech who sees the future trends of learning and work, Kydon invested in strategic R&D and keenly adopted emerging technologies to improve the ZilLearn online learning and teaching platform with innovative features and functions.

Part of the ZilLearn Learning Ecosystem is ZilLearn Skills — a fully integrated online learning and skills advancement platform designed to help learners and job seekers be skills-ready for the jobs and careers they desire – through targeted learning.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and data analytics, ZilLearn Skills generates real-time job market insights, analyzes CVs, and maps personalized learning paths. Learners will learn what they need to narrow their skills gap and meet modern job requirements. 

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Be Our Partner

We’re looking for partners who share our dream to make online learning and teaching truly global.

We believe that technology can break the barriers to learning and education and give everyone a real chance to develop their full potential regardless of background. 

We want to partner with educational institutions, local and global training providers, technology enablers, and EdTech investors who share our mission.

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