Ping An and Kydon set to upgrade SEAsia labor force with massive workplace learning ecosystem ZilLearn Work

Ping An and Kydon set to upgrade SEAsia labor force with massive workplace learning ecosystem ZilLearn Work

SINGAPORE, Nov. 17, 2021 | Kydon, Asia’s leading digital learning technology company, and Ping An International Smart City Technology Co., Ltd announced the technology partnership and launch of ZilLearn Work as part of the ZilLearn learning ecosystem to serve the training needs of organizations with a large, heterogeneous and distributed workforce in multiple locations.  

The partnership of Ping An International Smart City Technology Co., Ltd (Ping An Smart City) and Singapore’s Kydon Group (Kydon) brings together the collective experience of serving over 56 million users and 1,700 corporate institutions to enterprises looking to provide the learning and performance space of large enterprises in the region.

Ping An Smart City is Fortune Global 500 company Ping An’s subsidiary that focuses on using technology to support the development of smart cities. It actively uses cutting-edge technologies such as big data, cloud computing, blockchain, and artificial intelligence to optimize governance systems, improve business environment and public service.

Kydon will become Ping An Smart City’s partner in Southeast Asia delivering enterprise digital learning and performance systems for thousands of enterprises and millions of employees.  Kydon’s regional experience in building digital training solutions and Ping An’s scalable technology will bring limitless possibilities to empower Southeast Asia’s workforce to upskill and reskill in an agile manner. 

Running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to serve enterprise customers outside of China, ZilLearn Work is designed to securely scale to meet the needs of global and regional users.

Having delivered over 1.1 billion learning sessions, 2.1 million short video lessons, and 200,000 learning roadmaps, ZilLearn Work brings a best-in-class mobile-first training platform that is scalable, efficient, and proven reliable.  

“Traditional Learning Management Systems can no longer deliver the desired results for enterprises,” said Sandy Ng, Chief Strategy Officer of Kydon Group. “Continually changing business environments drive evolving job needs and skills required. Companies need a nimble platform that connects learning with performance, which can support dynamic and scalable knowledge transfer. At the same time, learners’ experiences should be intuitive, enriched and personal while ensuring their development is in tandem with their organization’s growth.”

ZilLearn is Kydon’s flagship EdTech start-up that has invested more than SGD10 million in R&D.  ZilLearn’s operational ecosystem comprises an AI-supported digital content creation and publishing platform, Big-Data driven in-demand Skills Analytics, and a Learning Experience Platform comprising more than 10,000 marketplace skills-centric lessons from the world’s leading experts to support workforce career agility.

ZilLearn Work is part of this suite of workforce development EdTech modules, targeting the evolving training needs of organizations with a large, heterogeneous, and geographically distributed workforce. 

ZilLearn Work is a digital workforce development solution that helps propel business and its team’s performance. It combines the best-in-class workplace learning technologies to deliver engaging user experiences, and is designed to be extremely easy to use.  ZilLearn Work delivers multi-modal (online, blended and offline) multi-device learning experiences to support the more mobile workforce today. 

“As it becomes difficult to upgrade and transform organizations, it becomes a challenge to drive upskilling to develop and retain talent,” said David Yeo, CEO and Founder of Kydon Group. 

“Employees feel that their career development is stagnant. Ultimately, the cost of lower team performance is an enterprise that’s no longer competitive.”

“We are pleased to choose Kydon as our strategic partner for its brand, experience and network in the region,” said Geoff Kau, Co-President of Ping An International Smart City Technology Co., Ltd. “We look forward to sharing our technology and expertise with Singapore and Southeast Asia enterprises to support the development of workplace learning in the region.”

“We want to help the employers and the workforce achieve the necessary transformations and better performance,” said Sandy Ng. “We look forward to supporting businesses who want to improve and transform their team development experience, to enhance the organization’s efficiency and market competitiveness. Enterprises who are keen to explore or pilot ZilLearn Work can reach us at” 

For more information about ZilLearn Work, please visit

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