Singapore-based ZilLearn takes digital upskilling to the next level with ZilLearn+, a premium learning subscription plan for career agility

Singapore-based ZilLearn takes digital upskilling to the next level with ZilLearn+, a premium learning subscription plan for career agility

  • ZilLearn Plus is a subscription-based plan aimed at supporting employees in their ongoing upskilling journey to remain agile and competitive in the digital economy.
  • The platform gives users access to personalised skills analyses and recommendations, and a comprehensive suite of high-quality courses. 
  • To ensure that employability and competitiveness remain accessible to all, SkillsFuture Credit can be used to offset annual subscription costs.


ZilLearn+ is a multi-platform subscription-based digital learning platform that features AI-driven analytics to identify skills gaps. Photo credit: ZilLearn

SINGAPORE, 13 December 2021 — Singapore-based digital learning technology company, Kydon, today announced the official launch of ZilLearn Plus (ZilLearn+). ZilLearn+ is an extension of the company’s learning platform, ZilLearn. Kydon is one of Asia’s leading digital learning technology companies and a key partner in Singapore’s Alliance for Action on EduTech.

ZilLearn+ builds on the ZilLearn platform first launched in January 2021, which provides adults with personalised skills analyses through the use of an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven skills analytics tool and a vast resource of diverse international courses. 

Mr David Yeo, Kydon Group CEO said, “The rapid creation, distribution, engagement and adaptation of knowledge is to be expected in the digital age. Our mission is to make this scalable, affordable and at a high quality globally. I believe Singapore can lead the charge in bringing such innovation to the global stage.” 

Priced at S$198 per annum, the annual subscription costs can be offset with SkillsFuture Credit for Singaporeans aged 25 years and above. No upfront cash is required upon subscription payment. ZilLearn+ courses are available on the ZilLearn app for learners to access quality learning anytime and anywhere, and pick up new skills at their own pace and convenience.

Futureproofing workers for today and tomorrow’s demands

ZilLearn+ traces its origins to Singapore’s Emerging Stronger Taskforce (EST), and is developed to meet the employability needs of the rapidly evolving digital economy. In Recommendation 4  of the EST’s report published this year, the EST advocated for learning recommender systems to support the training efforts of businesses and unions, and enable more self-directed learning. In this spirit, ZilLearn’s career-skills and learning platform aims to help Singaporean workers identify their skills gaps in order to stay agile in their careers, and to position Singapore as a talent hub for businesses and workers. 

Mr Yeo shared, “The core elements of learning and employability have experienced significant shifts as digitisation sweeps across all aspects of our lives, and this has only been heightened by the pandemic period. There is a need for learning to be quicker and multimodal, while remaining impactful. ZilLearn is at the forefront of this change with her mobile-first design, bite-sized lessons, rapid content creation tool and AI-generated video transcriptions to help workers take ownership of their learning journeys through a more convenient, accessible and engaging experience.”

Founded by Mr Yeo in 2019, ZilLearn is a subsidiary of Kydon. Kydon has invested more than S$10 million on the skills and learning platform to date. In November 2021, Kydon also announced its technology partnership with Ping An International Smart City Technology Co., Ltd to massively scale up workforce development in Southeast Asia. The collaboration brings together the collective experience of serving over 56 million users and 1,700 corporate institutions to the rest of Southeast Asia.  

In Singapore, ZilLearn has worked with government agencies like Enterprise Singapore (ESG) to bring this vision to life. Mr Patrick Lim, Director for Leisure, Hospitality and Education, Enterprise Singapore, said, “We are happy to see the successful launch of Kydon’s ZilLearn+ platform, which has potential to help Singapore training providers and education providers transform the way they offer learning and development digitally.”

As a part of the SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) pilot initiative to support subscription-based online learning platforms, ZilLearn+ has also been made even more accessible to Singaporeans. Mr Tan Kok Yam, Chief Executive of SkillsFuture Singapore, said, “As part of a two-year pilot, SkillsFuture Credit can be used to offset subscriptions for selected online learning platforms such as ZilLearn+. We hope that more Singaporeans will be able to benefit from micro-learning courses that are relevant, well developed, and delivered in a convenient format.”

Unlimited resources, anytime, anywhere

The premium learning subscription plan will support adults in their efforts to stay agile and updated in their careers. Whether they are seeking permanent employment, gaining job competency, advancing their career, or making a career switch, ZilLearn’s AI-empowered skills analytics tool will map out the skills gap for their target job and begin to bridge these gaps through personalised recommendations from a suite of curated courses on ZilLearn+.  At present, ZilLearn’s database includes more than 3.4 million job data points and over 17,000 skill tags. 

The rapidly-growing ZilLearn+ course catalog already offers more than 10,000 engaging video lessons curated from world-class instructors. Users can learn about leadership, public speaking, innovation, and problem-solving from industry leaders like Elon Musk, Daniel Pink, and Simon Sinek or more technical skills like digital marketing, programming, and cybersecurity from Joseph Delgadillo and Philip Ebiner, who have already reached millions of learners around the world. For users with culinary ambitions, they can ‘spice up’ their learning with lessons from the world-renowned chefs in Ti Yan Academy. 

To ensure resources are kept updated, new content will be added to ZilLearn+ weekly, covering the full spectrum of current and emerging skill sets. ZilLearn+ continues to work with local training institutions and adult educators, while also curating courses from South Korea, Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries to bring a greater diversity of learning content to learners in Singapore and the region. In the months ahead, the platform will continue to evolve with the rollout of new capabilities aimed at building a dynamic ecosystem of learning across borders.  

Beyond course learning and career analytics, Mr Yeo also aims to foster a community of learning through the platform. Mr David Yeo elaborated, “ZilLearn also allows both course creators and learners alike to share their skills, knowledge and network. It is designed for users to become nimble in fast changing work environments, find their niche and unlock their potential in the marketplace.”

Following the launch of ZilLearn+, Kydon looks to continue expanding its services across the region to tailor solutions for the individual needs of each market. 

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