ZilLearn expands its workforce upskilling efforts to Malaysia

ZilLearn expands its workforce upskilling efforts to Malaysia


SINGAPORE, June 30, 2022 – ZilLearn, a total learning and upskilling platform announces its partnership with the Malaysian national agency, Human Resource Development Corporation (HRD Corp), that is dedicated to supporting Malaysia’s 16.37 million and growing working-age population in exploring their employment opportunities through job matching and placement, training and development, as well as career counseling and coaching.

This partnership marks another significant milestone for ZilLearn as it expands its learning platform across Asia.

“We are honored to partner with HRD Corp because their mission strongly aligns with ours, which is to promote the value of lifelong learning and improve career agility,” said David Yeo, CEO of ZilLearn.

Since its establishment in 1993, HRD Corp has been the catalyst in driving Malaysia’s workforce development. Recognizing that the rakyat is the backbone of the nation’s economic development, HRD Corp continuously introduces relevant training and development programs to ensure that the rakyat are skilled and capable of transforming Malaysia into a highly-connected and digital-first nation.

In 2020 alone, HRD Corp achieved tremendous growth. With more than RM1B funding per annum that is expected to grow to RM5B by 2025, the PENJANA HRDF initiative provides Malaysians with reskilling and upskilling training programs which would enable them to navigate the significant workplace challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020 alone, HRD Corp worked with more than 70,000 employers and over 6,000 registered training providers.

ZilLearn and HRD Corp believe that learning should be at the heart of a country’s growth and development. HRD Corp will deploy ZilLearn – a mobile-first AI-powered skills learning platform with over 12,000 bite-sized lessons ranging from digital marketing, data analysis, cloud computing, and many more. ZilLearn also includes a Skills Analysis Tool which enables users to utilize the 3.4 million jobs data and 17,000 skills tags to identify their skills gap and build relevant skills to advance their careers in the future work environment.

This partnership is a timely opportunity for ZilLearn and HRD Corp as the Malaysian government recognizes the value of prioritizing microcredentials to transform the nation’s lifelong learning landscape and sustainably produce a competitive and agile workforce. It is hoped that this partnership will enable Malaysians to meet their full potential and positively contribute to their country’s vision.

ZilLearn will be made available to the Malaysian workforce from Q3 2022.

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CEO & Founder David Yeo, newly appointed IAL Council Member