SH Retail Academy will deliver tech-enabled learning with ZILLEARN

KUALA LUMPUR, 10 October 2022 –  Kydon announces the partnership between ZilLearn and Senheng New Retail Berhad (Senheng) to make available ZilLearn’s upskilling and reskilling lessons to more than 3 million Senheng SuperApp users.  In addition, ZilLearn will develop a transformative digital training and development platform for the Malaysian retail industry, as a strategic initiative to provide upskilling capabilities for the workforce to contend with rapid sectoral changes.  

From 28th Oct onwards, Senheng Super App users will be able to access ZilLearn and enjoy 3 months free access to the rich library of digital learning lessons.  ZilLearn provides users with the most in-demand learning resources, from leading experts and education providers. ZilLearn learning materials are sourced from engaging instructors and reviewed regularly to ensure that the premium catalogue continues to help learners stay on track for their career growth.  To encourage learning, users who become paid members of the Senheng-ZilLearn subscription plan will also enjoy free one ringgit S-Coin for every ten ringgit spent. 

Senheng Executive Chairman, Mr Lim Kim Heng said, “this partnership will allow anyone to learn, anytime, anywhere they want, just with a mobile. We are giving out 3 million free access to our PlusOne members, where they will earn S-Coin cashback when they learn. These S-Coin can be used to redeem rewards at any Senheng and senQ outlets nationwide.” he added. 

As the retail industry contends with increasing labor shortage, there is a need for change.  The Wall Street Journal coined the term, “The Great Reset”, to describe the current retail landscape and the after-effects of labor shortages.  Retailers face great challenges on all fronts – juggling customers’ advancing requirements and retaining staff to help keep up with consumer demands.  In this landscape, learning is a core requirement.  ZilLearn and SH Retail Academy will therefore launch a digital learning learning platform suited for the rapidly changing retail industry, and conforms to the requirements of the Human Resources Development Corp (HRD Corp).  

“ZilLearn will allow retailers to prepare employees for success, provide a sense of fulfillment and upskill them to become experts — churning out a team that is well-equipped to successfully deliver the best service possible to customers, despite all the current challenges in the industry. Many retailers lack the resources necessary to provide classroom training, this partnership can make training more accessible for all employees”, says Kydon and ZilLearn CEO, David Yeo.

“Without a learning solution in place, it’s difficult to track learning progress and provide accessible tools for success on the sales floor. One solution is to leverage a tool that likely almost all retail employees have: a mobile device, providing a modern, accessible and easy-to-use solution that learners have at their fingertips — making learning available on the go”, says SH Retail Academy CEO, Cassandra Chan.

About Senheng

Senheng®️ is Malaysia’s leading consumer electrical and electronics retailer. First started in 1989 as a consumer electrical appliances shop, it has since grown into more than 100 branches across Malaysia, and carries more than 280 renowned consumer E&E brands, featuring a comprehensive range of digital gadgets, audio visuals, home appliances and related products. It has a growing customer base, with over 3 million PlusOne loyalty members to-date.

Helmed by the Lim brothers, K.H., K.C. and K.Y., Senheng®️ has gained its reputation and credibility that has made waves in the industry through progressive, forward looking, and innovative touches.

For more information, visit www.senheng.com.my

About SH Retail Academy

SH Retail Academy (SHRA) is a retail training provider founded in September 2019 inspired by the intention of Mr Lim Kim Heng,  Executive Chairman of Senheng New Retail Berhad). Starting from the formulation of SHRA training programs outlines, the program content, and the delivery methods; each process is derived using retail thought processes and retail needs.  SHRA combine time-proven application successes from Senheng with the latest knowledge and concepts to bring effective retail training programs for Malaysian SMEs, especially in the retail industry.  For more information, visit https://shretailacademy.com.my/

About Kydon Group and ZilLearn

Kydon Group is Asia’s leading digital learning technology company offering advanced learning technology solutions and custom digital learning content. For a decade, it has served a wide spectrum of clients ranging from government agencies, enterprises, educational institutions to non-profit organizations. Kydon Group’s learning and upskilling platform is a revolutionary proprietary solution administered by ZilLearn, that provides learners with AI and Big Data driven In-Demand Job-Skills analytics and learning recommendations. Employing targeted learning channels and a mobile-first design, ZilLearn enables learning anytime, anywhere. The platform also provides training providers with a powerful content authoring tool to enable a massive and rapid creation of online courses.  For more information, please visit: http://kydongrp.com/

Discover the ZilLearn global marketplace: https://zillearn.com/ 

For more information, please visit: https://about.zillearn.com/ 

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