ZilLearn Successfully Brings Singapore Training Partner into eLearning Industry

ZilLearn Successfully Brings Singapore Training Partner into eLearning Industry

In March 2022, Kydon Group announced that its subsidiary ZilLearn had been appointed by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to be its inaugural partner for the “Learning-Go-Digital” program. 

The aim of this program is to offer subsidized digital transformation to enable Singapore-based training providers to create accessible, flexible, and adaptable eLearning video lessons that meet the changing demands of the global workforce. Over the past few months, ZilLearn has been working with BELLS Academic Group to make them active players in the global eLearning industry by transforming their classroom training sessions.  We are delighted to share their story.

Singapore Leader Inspired to Grow

With over 13 years of experience in Singapore, BELLS is a SSG registered training provider focused on lifelong education as a means to develop a skilled workforce under two distinct brands: BELLS Tech Hub and BELLS Baking Studio. These training programs are designed specifically to meet the global and domestic hiring trends, thus ensuring their learners are equipped with skills and knowledge needed to embark on their unique career journeys. 

Digital Transformation Process

BELLS embarked on the Learning-Go-Digital program to help them rapidly dive into the eLearning industry to reach new learners, and to shine a special spotlight on their trainers. ZilLearn organized knowledge exchange workshops to better understand their business; which involved learning more about BELLS’ flagship courses, classroom trainers, 2-year company vision, and how ZilLearn can complement their growth. These workshops also enabled BELLS to understand how ZilLearn’s platform can transform their offline programs into micro-learning courses suitable for today’s global community of learners. 

The ZilLearn Learning-Go-Digital team, with expert guidance from program lead Dr. Janny Chen, carefully reviewed training materials from BELLS’ previous in-person sessions to prioritize topics, and design bite-sized video lessons in close collaboration with the original subject matter experts. It was important for us to share our microlearning approach and philosophy with the BELLS team to help them scale independently over time.

The Masterclass Experience

Our vision has been to raise the Singapore training industry to compete with the ever-rising quality in eLearning production from around the world. The ZilLearn team partnered with an established video-production studio to create lessons that would help local providers expand their business with a great first impression.

Although the culinary experts were comfortable in the classroom setting – presenting in front of many cameras often comes with a learning curve. In addition to the speaking notes prepared by our team, the filming director & crew brought with them personalized guidance to help the confectionery gurus successfully bring their skills to video. The end result is a polished and professional set of video lessons, available for learners to watch at their own pace on any platform. BELLS will launch over a dozen new courses on ZilLearn next month, in the meantime check out this teaser video – YouTube link.

At Kydon Group, we are glad to partner with forward-thinking teams like BELLS to participate in this program to help them expand their business from the classroom into the APAC region, and beyond. Our mission is to actively engage all players in the global e-learning ecosystem to push for a more sustainable and effective transformation.

Interested to partner with us? Eligibility requirements:

  • Small/medium-sized training business
  • SSG registered and operating in Singapore
  • Subject to approval by IMDA and ZilLearn, contact us to get started

For questions about how to get started, please contact: 

About Kydon Group and ZilLearn

Kydon Group, established in 2012, is a leading digital learning technology company in Singapore offering advanced learning technology solutions and custom digital learning content. For a decade, it has served a wide spectrum of clients ranging from government agencies, enterprises, educational institutions to non-profit organizations. Kydon Group’s learning and employability platform is a revolutionary proprietary solution administered by ZilLearn, that provides learners with relevant and contextualized online courses in line with industry and business needs. The platform also provides training providers with a powerful content authoring tool to enable a massive and rapid creation of online courses. Discover the ZilLearn global marketplace: https://www.zillearn.com/ 

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