ZilLearn is appointed as IMDA’s inaugural partner for the “Learning-Go-Digital” Program. Kydon establishes the ‘Digital Learning Engagement and Transformation Office (DLETO)’.

ZilLearn is appointed as IMDA’s inaugural partner for the “Learning-Go-Digital” Program. Kydon establishes the ‘Digital Learning Engagement and Transformation Office (DLETO)’.

SINGAPORE, March 21, 2022 – ZilLearn, a subsidiary of Singapore-based learning technology company Kydon Group, was recently appointed by Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to be the inaugural partner to launch the pilot program, “Learning-Go-Digital”. It is a limited offer for Singapore’s qualified training providers to transform their offline workshops and become active players in the global e-learning industry.

Singapore is at the forefront of quality education and training and has invested strategically to upskill and reskill its workforce. Boasting an enviable treasury of learning content of over 1 million accredited learning hours from more than 28,000 accredited courses, offered by public and private continuing education and training institutions. These learning assets will continue to grow in scale and diversity to meet the burgeoning demand for future skills.

“The quality of Singapore’s education and training capabilities is arguably one of the best in the world. The ‘Learning-Go-Digital’ program enables us to help training providers especially SMEs to decisively move their offerings online and to bring our resources onto the global stage,” said David Yeo, Founder and CEO of Kydon Group.

This program enables training providers to create accessible, flexible, and adaptable learning content that meet the changing demands of the global workplace, workforce, and work. Thereby, creating an opportunity for training providers to work with organizations across Singapore to create cohesive learning ecosystems that deepens the digital capabilities of each organization.

Training providers that bring their courses online through the “Learning-Go-Digital” program will have the opportunity to join ZilLearn Plus, ZilLearn’s premium learning subscription plan. ZilLearn Plus is a recent collaboration with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) to incentivize Singaporeans to subscribe to online micro-courses and skill up using their SkillsFuture Credit.

“ZilLearn is best suited for this task. Given the unique ability of the proprietary ZilLearn Studio to help transform content rapidly, and ZilLearn Skills where we use Big Data and AI to match learning content against skills needed in today’s fast-changing economy,” said David Yeo, Founder and CEO of Kydon.

ZilLearn will ensure that the content uploaded to the platform is appropriate for in-demand skills. It will also support qualified training providers with the right knowledge and capabilities to digitally transform their learning content, generate new revenue streams, and expand their reach with ZilLearn’s growing global network, with minimal effort.

In furthering her commitment in the growing EdTech space, Kydon Group also announced the launch of the Digital Learning Engagement and Transformation Office (DLETO) to operationalize this vision. Mr Thomas Paris, Chief Learning Architect of Kydon Group and ZilLearn, has been appointed to lead this office.

“The mission of DLETO is beyond digitalization, but a concerted effort to actively engage all players in the ecosystem to push for a sustainable and effective transformation,” said Thomas Paris, Chief Learning Architect of Kydon Group and ZilLearn.

“For example, Kydon has recently collaborated with the Singapore Institute of Adult Learning to help local Adult Educators embark on their digital journey by onboarding their valuable teaching materials with pedagogical considerations onto ZilLearn. This collaboration allows for Adult Educators to reduce their development time, quicken their product-to-market access, and consequently gain a competitive advantage.”

Interested to partner with us? Eligibility requirements:

  • Small/medium-sized training business
  • SSG registered, operating in Singapore
  • Subject to approval by IMDA and ZilLearn, contact us to get started

About Kydon and ZilLearn

Kydon Group, established in 2012, is a leading digital learning technology company in Singapore offering advanced learning technology solutions and custom digital learning content. For a decade, it has served a wide spectrum of clients ranging from government agencies, enterprises, educational institutions to non-profit organizations. Kydon Group’s learning and employability platform is a revolutionary proprietary solution administered by ZilLearn, that provides learners with relevant and contextualized online courses in line with industry and business needs. Employing targeted learning channels and a mobile-first design, ZilLearn enables learning anytime, anywhere. The platform also provides training providers with a powerful content authoring tool to enable a massive and rapid creation of online courses. For more information, please visit: http://kydongrp.com/

Discover the ZilLearn global marketplace: https://zillearn.com/

For more information, please visit: https://about.zillearn.com/

For any questions about how to get started, please contact:

Thomas Paris

Chief Learning Architect, Kydon Group and ZilLearn

[email protected]

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