Veteran financial leader joins Kydon Group as advisor and director

Veteran financial leader joins Kydon Group as advisor and director

Singapore’s leading digital learning solutions provider, Kydon Group, announced that Dennis Chia, a veteran financial leader, has joined as director and advisor. 

Dennis is Chief Financial Officer of Starhub, Ltd., where he develops and executes strategies through financial management and ensures that business decisions are financially sound for the Singaporean telecommunications company. He is also responsible for investor relations, merger and acquisition activities, procurement, supply chain, and enterprise risk management.

Dennis Chia, Advisor & Director, Kydon Group

“Dennis brings a unique value to our group. His experience on the global and regional stage and steep expertise in financial management are critical to our next stage of growth,” said David Yeo, CEO and founder of Kydon Group.

Kydon is behind the learning experience platform ZilLearn, which offers “one learning experience platform with a zillion possibilities.” ZilLearn is driving career advancement and workplace performance with learning anytime, anywhere, with relevant courses from global experts through easy and rapid course creation.

Kydon is also leading the ZilLearn Skills project to mitigate unemployment challenges by providing personalized career and learning recommendations for Singaporeans. 

Through skillsets evaluation, leveraging data-driven job market insights, and identifying upskilling and reskilling needs, ZilLearn Skills will future-proof careers and transform lifelong learning. 

ZilLearn Skills brings together partners within the EduTech Alliance for Action and the Emerging Stronger Taskforce under Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry. 

“I am thrilled to be part of the dynamic Kydon team and privileged to be involved in this exciting EdTech industry,” said Dennis Chia, Advisor and Director, Kydon Group. “I look forward to working alongside everyone in this journey.” 

Before joining StarHub, Dennis was the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of STATS ChipPAC (Worldwide), a leading provider of advanced semiconductor packaging and test services. He was also with Lear Corporation as its Vice President of Finance, Asia Pacific Operations, and CFO of Behringer Corporation and Frontline Technologies Corporation.

Dennis is a Chartered Accountant and currently a council member with the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants. He holds a Bachelor of Accountancy (Honors) from the National University of Singapore and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Hull, United Kingdom.

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